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Experienced Broadcasters
We have several decades of combined experience in the world of broadcasting and voice-overs. Our company has a common goal: To use our experience as professional broadcasters to help Chinese companies promote themselves effectively in the English language.

Native English Speakers
As China's economy opens up, more and more Chinese companies and organizations are finding the need to communicate to their clients in English as well as Chinese. As native speakers with a background in broadcasting we can help such companies achieve this goal in a cost-efficient and effective way.

Professional talents
Our aim is simple: To provide the most professional voice-over services possible for our clients, enabling them to promote their products and services on an equal footing with their foreign competitors, whether here in China or in the global marketplace.

Commitment = Success
Our company is based permanently in China and has strong emotional ties to our new homeland; for this reason we are proud to be able to make our contribution to the success of the Chinese economy.

“China, here we are! Have you heard us yet?”



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