Clients and Partners  

Beijing Municipal Government – International tourism convention promotional video

The People's Liberation Army (PLA) – Narration

CCTV, China Central Television  – “The Qin Emperor” – Six-part TV historical documentary

BTV, Beijing Television – Narration

CRI, China Radio International – Promos and station imagers

BTG, Beijing Tourism Group – Commercial Narration

Sinochem Corporation – Corporate Presentation

CPPB, China Petroleum Pipeline Bureau – Corporate Presentation

BGP, subsidiary of CNPC, China's largest petroleum company – Corporate Presentation

Beijing Sifang Automation Co. – Corporate Presentation

Beijing Lear Dymos Automotive Systems Co., Ltd – Corporate Presentation

Tourism Authority of Thailand – “Thailand Elite Card” – TV Commercial

LG – Promotional Video

China Southern Airlines – Recorded English Safety Instructions

Beijing Bao Wang Group – Corporate Presentation

Beijing Double Crane Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (DCPC) – Corporate Presentation

New World (China) Technology And Media Co., Ltd. – Production Promo

China Science and Technology Exchange Center
Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology – Cultural Promo

CAV Television Production Co., Ltd. – TCM Documentary/Promo

Beijing Panorama National Geography TV Co., Ltd.
Chinese National Geography TV – Documentary Narration

China Commerce and Trade Press – Education Book Sound Tracks and Examination  Recordings

The People's Government of Zhengzhou
Zheng Dong New District Committee – Local Government Promo

CCTV (International)
Beijing GloboNet TV Production Ltd.
 “Chinese Relic Files” programs – TV Documentary Narration

Beijing Zhi Lian Zhao Pin Co., Ltd. – Commercial

The Great Wall Wine – TV Commercial/Olympic Promo

Five Continents Television – Discover China and China Viewpoint documentary series broadcast to over 40 million American homes.

CCTV – China's Treasures. Over 200 episodes broadcast across China.




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